Skid Mounted-Autogas Station System

Skid Mounted-Autogas Station System


   This technology is the best for the ones who need a very cost-effective turnkey solution for the sale of LPG since it works as a complete refuelling station for vehicles. The skid can be supplied with or without tank and can be personalized with the dispenser of your choice.

Technical Properties

Nozzle Configuration : 1-2-4 pcs.

Size 45x123x230 cm

Number of Displays : 2-4 pcs

Multimedia Screen : up to 32"


  • Ready to wok autogas station solution on steel chasis.Low investment costs.
  • Quick return of investment. Mininum workship and engineering at site.
  • Flexible and modular solution.
  • Simple layout and miximum safety.
  • The plant can be made independent from external power supply (for example in rural areas) with LPG Generator.
  • Easy to operate. Comprise all necessary equipment for safe and reliable filling operation.

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