Ex-net 7-MOD-1 Mechanical Filling Machine (Manuel)

Ex-net 7

Ex-net 7-Mod 1 Mechanical Filling Machine (Manuel)

A Mechanical Filling Machine to Fill Cylinders Up to 2-6 Kg


   They are filling machines to be used to fill LPG Cylinders manually or automatically. To be used to fill cylinders of capacities ranging between 2 Kg and 6 Kg. They are to be used either over the Carousel, one by one separately, or above the SKID System. They are manufactured either with flat plates or rollers, with aluminum poles, electrostatically painted body, pneumatic control system, and stainless steel arms.

Technical Specificiations.

Aluminum and Inox Body and Pan

  • Weighing Accuracy : 100 gr
  • Filling Accuracy : 50 gr
  • Maximum Filling Capacity : 6 Kg
  • Machine Weight : 60-65 KgFeatures
  • With a Pneumatic Control System
  • Can be Used Alone or Over a Carousel
  • Certified By Atex
  • With 2 Years Guarantee

Cylinder Technical Properties

  • Cylinder Diameter : 220-300 mm
  • Cylinder Type : 2-6 Kg

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