Electronic Gas Leakage Control

Electronic Gas Leakage Control


  Automatic leakage detector are manufactured to be assembled on the Chain Conveyor easily.

  Filled cylinders are stopped automatically by a stopper while they are still on the conveyor. The detecting head of the automatic leakage detector positins itself over the cylinder by a centering mechanism. It controls whether the cylinder valve is leaking or not. If it doesn't, the cylinder continues its pathç However, if it does, then the leakage alarm is launched and the cylinder is separated into by pushing it into a specially specifically designed roller conveyor of 2.5 meters nearby the detector till it is dismounted to get repaired and fixed. Therefore, full safety of the filled cylinder is maintained all the time.

  Automatic leakage detector has infrared module technology inside it and detects a mnimum of 3,000 ppm gas leakage.

  1. Suitable to control all kinds of cylinder valves.
  2. To dispose the accumulated gas inside the detector after many runs, the leakage detector is equipped with an automatic air circulation system.

Tehcnical Properties

  • Sensitivity : 3,000 ppm
  • Valve Type : All type of valves
  • Automatic Production Capacity : 1,200 Cylinder/h.
  • Manuel Production Capacity : 500 Cylinder/h.
  • Weight : 450 Kg.
  • Certificates : Atex,CE


  • Installed on a Chain Conveyor.
  • Adjustable Detection Level.
  • Combined with PLC Managment.
  • Real Time Display Measured Leak.

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