Chain Conveyor

Conveyor Group

   It is a system ensures that the cylinders are to be filled and transported most e iciently to the other equipment, which will be between the Loading and Unloading points.

   90° radius corner conveyor “Y” type separator conveyor “V” type centering conveyor

   Conveyors can be manufactured either by galvanizing them or by painting them. According to the cylinder model, the con- veyor width can be customized to customer requirements. The height of the conveyor can also be produced according to the required height at zero (buried) or any other required height.

   Conveyor Chains are manufactured either being casted or from steel. The chains work on ULPOLEN 1000 material inside the conveyor. This increases the durability of the chains and allows for more comfortable working environment.

Conveyor Driving Group

   Those are used to drive the conveyor chains. Their body is manufactured from NPU iron steel profile while railings are made from steel pipes. ULPOLEN-1000 is a wear resistant material against friction with the chain belts. They are manufactured in sizes of 3m or else.  They consist of return pulleys, pulley-shaft and bearings, conveyor chain, gal chains, chain tension weigh- ts, soapsuds pool, motor guard and Ex-Proof motor reducer selected to conform to speed.

Conveyor Chains

   Conveyor chains are produced in the most suitable way to carry cylinders.
2 di erent types of conveyor chains are produced according to di erent countries and customer requirements.

Steel chain

Steel chains; manufactured of St 52 material by means of cold shaping.

Rupture Resistance: 7,350 Kg

Cast iron chain

Cast iron chains; manufactured from EN-GJS-500-7 quality cat.

Rupture Resistance: 6,500 Kg 

Part Code: 63 Category: