Breakaway Coupling & LPG Transfer Hoses


Breakaway Coupling

   Breakaway coupling is used with LPG supply hoses to prevent probable accidents which can happen when the vehicle moves while the hose is still connected to it.

Technical Properties

Dimension : 2", 1"

Adaptoer Connection FNPT : R2"

Container Connection Flange : 2"


LPG Transfer Hoses

   Liquid Petroleum Gas LPG hose provides excellent service across a wide variety of industrial and commercial LPG/propane delivery and supply applications. The flexible industrial rubber hose is available in long continuous lengths for efficient delivery/supply and maximum utility at job sites where the gas source might be a significant distance from the application.

Technical Properties

Inner Tube : LPG resistant NBR, Black smooth

Reinforcement : Synthetic textile,two braids,

Cover : Oil and weather resistant CR, Black,smooth for ID<25mm, fabric impression for ID>25mm.

Temperature Range : -30 Cº to + 70 Cº



Flexible and light weight

Excellent bending radius.

Very good cover resistance.

Dissipation of static electricity ensured by the tube and bonding braid.

Pin-pricked cover for combustible gas conveyance.


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