LPG Compressor

Agk 7111

LPG Compressor


Gas compressor allows transport of liquid LPG (Lique ed Petroleum Gas) from Tank to another with vapour transfer.

Pressure difference should be present for the transfer of liquid LPG. Gas compressors suck LPG in gas phase from one tank and forces it into another tank which causes pressure increase there and with increased pressure LPG starts owing into the other tank to ful ll the transfer.

Suitable elevation di erence as required by the pumps is not needed; liquid transfer can be made in every circumstance.

Compressor has two pistons. While one of them sucks, the other piston forces it to the place of transfer. This system is maintained by suction and compression valves.

Piston rings sucking and compressing the gas are made from special Te on (PTFE) material.

To prevent gas passing into the bottom section, the lubrication part, a set of adjustable gaskets with nut and spring, are placed at the neck of the piston pin for sealing purposes. This gasket is made from special Te on material.

Movement of the pistons is maintained by a crank The crank is placed inside the crankcase and lies on bearings on two sides. Oil pump is activated with one side of the crank and automatic lubrication is maintained with the lubrication pump. Su cient lubrication is checked by visual inspection through the inspection cap placed on the side and by oil pressure indicator. A pulley is placed on the other side of the crank and it obtains its movement from the electric motor driving the belts.

A safety valve, to protect the compressor from pressure increases, which might occur on the output (compression) end, is in- stalled.

Suction and compression heads are joined with a four-way valve to interchange the suction and compression directions. 

Technical Properties

  • Piston Diameter: 101 mm.
  • Piston Stroke Length: 76 mm.
  • Max. Transfer Capacity: 57,5 m3/hour
  • Max. Operatıng Pressure: 24 kg./cm2
  • Motor Power: 11 Kw.
  • Max. Compression Power of Piston Arm: 1.760 kg. Max. Operating Temperature: 75 Co
  • Empty Weight: 128 Kg.
  • Transfer Capacity: 770 Lt. /Minute
  • Pressure Dif- Ference: 1~2 Kg./cm2
  • Time Required To Transfer 10 Tons Lpg: 25~35 Minutes


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