AdmE 8200-3 Electronic Filling Machine (Automatic On Carousel)

ADME 8200-3 ELECTRONIC LPG Bottling Scale (Automatic on Carousel)

A Electronic Bottiling Scale to fill Cylinder up to 12-15 Kg


   Electronic LPG cylinder Filling Scale is produced from automatic fillings with Filling Carousel. Automatic cylinder input and output mechanism enables fast and easy loading of cylinder to electronic filling machines located on filling Carousel. Centering mechanism located on electronic LPG cylinder filling scale is the biggest assistant for centering of valves of cylinder filling heads. Electronic LPG filling scale are connected to data transfer system (ADTS). All cylinder entering conveyor system pass throgh tare control mechanism. Collected tare data (ADTS) are sent to electronic LPG cylinder filling scale on filling Carousel via data transfer system as information about quantity. Electronic LPG cylinder filling scale operates predetermined amount of filling operation after recived these data.

Technical Specificiations.

Can be used Cylinder input and output systems mechanism.

Aluminum and Inox Body and Pan.

  • Weighing Accuracy : 50 gr
  • Filling Accuracy : 50 gr
  • Maximum Filling Capacity : 15 Kg


  • With a Pneumatic and Electronic Control System
  • Can be Used Over a Carousel
  • Include Automatic Output Mechansim
  • Certified By Atex
  • With 1 Years Guarantee

Cylinder Technical Properties

  • Cylinder Diameter : 220-360 mm.
  • Cylinder Type : 12-15 Kg.